Saturday, July 26, 2008

A small delay

Last weekend I started creating a new wiring harness. The original wiring harness had so many extra sensors that I didn't need and didn't want cluttering things up so I decided to take it apart and remove all the connections I wouldn't be using in the conversion. Look at all those wires!
I haven't finished the harness yet but will add some pictures of the final product.

I wanted to make sure that some of the existing sensors that I planned to reuse would still register properly. The of which would be the VSS or vehicle speed sensor. I decided to create circuit that would simulate the sensor output using a Basic Stamp microprocessor. These are very handy little guys for doing various tasks quickly using a simple basic language.

Here you can see the simulated sensor working. We are doing 40 Mph in my garage! Ugh, is that the odometer going up? Just as if you were really doing 40 Mph everything still functions and responds normally including the odometer. Don't leave that circuit running for too long :)

Ah yes and last but certainly not least is that small delay that I mentioned before. He was born July 22nd. Mom and baby are doing great!

In the next couple weeks I will be continuing the electronics conversion. The next major step is properly recreating the engine speed pulse. This signal is needed for the RPM gauge, electronic power steering, and cruise controls circuits to function properly. I've ordered a small handheld oscilloscope to make the remainder of any signalling circuits I need to build easier so this step is on hold until that comes in.

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