Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10k miles and counting

I haven't been on here in awhile. I few weeks ago I finally hit the big 10k EV mile marker! Other than that there really isn't much to report. I'm still driving the car to work and things are great. The cold weather is still taking its toll on the batteries and the volt sag is high. This makes climbing the steep hills hard as I need more amps to account for the lower voltage but they seem to be dealing with it fine.

You may recall I reported two cells which sagged considerably more than the rest. I figured these would have went out by now but they are still working fine. On the down side, I now have two more cells that seem to sag more than before (about 0.4v under 2C load lower than the rest). I don't plan to replace any of them until they go out completely so I can really test them out. Speaking of replacing them, I noticed that Elite Power Solutions has finally dropped their prices to be more competitive with some of the other suppliers. We'll hopefully see a continuing trend making this option more affordable for all.