Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dismantling Part 2

I finally got some more time and cooler conditions to continue with the dismantling phase of the project. I went head to toe on the car and found every bracket, heat shield, and emissions components that were no longer needed. Then I started in on the big job which was the gas tank. My neighbor had mentioned that it should be plastic these days and not weigh much. I checked on my truck and sure enough it was plastic but after removing the EVAP canister I was able to bang on the tank and it was's gotta go!
The entire rear sub frame must be removed for this job...ugh. Here you can see the car with the rear sub frame removed. You can barely see the black of the tank hanging just below the red frame.

Here is a shot of the rear sub frame. This includes the differential, suspension, etc. I tried lifting it...damn too bad I can't remove some weight from that thing.

My neighbor George who helped with the first dismantling steps came over and found my camera. Here is an "action" shot of the tank bolts being removed. Please notice the all-purpose 5 gallon bucket from Home-Depot. Today its purpose was to make up the difference between my floor jack and the gas tank which was pretty high off the ground.
At last the final dead weight item as been removed! The rear sub frame is back together. I still need to bleed the brakes but don't have time today.

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