Monday, July 7, 2008


I started the processes of removing all of the unnecessary components this weekend. It was hard to start removing that first bolt but as the hours went on I quit focusing dismantling a 30k sports car and focused on the bigger picture, a clean, low maintenance, and low cost sports car!

Here is a shot just after removing some of the intake system, alternator AC compressor, and cooling system.
Don't forget to label those bolts and keep things organized. It takes awhile but can really save some time later!

Here is one of the tubs I bought to just throw parts into so they aren't laying all over the place.

After two days we had everything major out except the engine. It is amazing how much time is spent disconnecting wire harnesses and brackets that you don't have good access to! Here is a picture of the exhaust system.
Here is the transmission. Although it was removed it will be reused in the conversion. We still need to create the adapter plate from the new electric motor and transmission. In addition a coupler between the motor shaft and flywheel must be created.
Day3 After some more removing of sensors and hoses and other crap it was finally time to hook the engine up to the hoist! This was not easy compared to many other vehicles the front sub frame needed to be dropped 3 inches to make room to get the bell housing bolts out.

It's almost out, just a little further!!!

Success! Look at all that room in there. The new electric motor is only 9.1" diameter and 15" long leaving a lot of room for batteries up front.
There are a few little pieces here and there to remove but the biggest is the gas tank which remains in the car. Just like the engine the rear sub frame needs to be dropped to get it out. Hopefully I can get to that and more next weekend.

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