Sunday, July 13, 2008

I can't weight!

I decided to weigh everything I had and figure out how much weight I've actually removed so far from this car. There are some weight reduction options remaining, but everything else would cost money so I won't consider them at this point.

Removed items (lbs)
Catalytic converter: 13
Headers/Manifold: 20.5
Mufflers: 52.5
Radiator: 13
Gas tank: 25.5 + 79.2 (full tank 1.3 gallons * 6lbs / gallon)
Misc (hoses, brackets, emissions): 65.5

I've also removed, at least for now the spare time, jack, and tools. These will go back in later but for the initial tests I wanted stripped down: 30

The engine and components still attached is somewhat unknown. The specs say 325 but I'm pretty that is without the intake, starter, etc. I'm going to say 350.

That makes for a grand total of just under 650 lbs removed. Not bad but you always want more on a project like this :) The car originally weighed 2800 minus the 650 puts as at 2150.

Speaking of waiting I found out the motor is going to take longer to come in than I originally expected (up to 6 weeks). I'm going to start working on a few side projects that need to be done at some point anyway to pass the time.

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