Monday, February 9, 2009

First Test Drive

It's been a long and painful wait getting to the point for the first test drive of my car but the wait is over! This weekend I was able to get the car to the point I could go for the first test drive and I'm still grinning. The video isn't the greatest since it was getting dark. I'll be adding another video in better lighting which also shows under the hood and trunk along with an inside the car test drive later this week.


Anonymous said...


I discovered your blog after reading the article about your electric Honda at Autoblogreen... WOW... Awesome car! You and Tesla are the only ones who have built successful, electric sports cars!

Very cool... Question: are you a mechanical engineer? Do you have a background in electrical engineering? Or are you just an amazingly able person?

I mean, I, too, have dreamed of building an electric automobile, but have been intimidated by the necessary technical skills! You make it look so... well, not easy... but at least do-able.

Just wondering: Where do you live? (I'd guess Seattle... or Wisconsin!)... just curious, cuz the video was dark and rainy!

Well, best wishes, and good luck on your future endeavors (including your beautiful baby! Now THAT is a long-term project!). regards, Jeff Zekas, Susanville, California

Brian said...

Thanks Jeff. I'm actually a software engineer. The fabrication work and electronics are just self taught, no professional school at all. A little googling and some patience is all that is required.

Building your own electric car really isn't that hard as much as it was time consuming for me but it has made for a really fun project. A lot of people don't have all the skills needed for the build so they just go to their local machine shop to have metal fabrication done, etc.

I recommend checking out
There are a lot of experienced DIY EVers here and a great WIKI that explains everything you should need to know to help you plan out your own EV.

I'm in California as well man. You didn't have this crappy weather on Sunday? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brian.

Actually, there is an EV community up here (we live near Reno, Nevada) composed of electronic geeks at University of Nevada... man, you computer guys are always up to something! (my big brother is a retired computer nerd and my younger bro is a mechanical engineer, so I can say that with authority).

Oh, we too had the bad weather... but living in the mountains at 4000 feet, the "rain" became snow!

Anyways... Thanks for the info on the website (and all the links on your site). I was going to convert my '64 Chevy truck, but after looking at your S2000... whoa... waay cooler!

Well, off again. Have fun, and don't zap yourself! ;-)

regards, Jeff Zekas, high up in the sierra nevada mountains.

PS Isn't it cool to be "famous"? You made the pages of Autoblogreen! Sweet...

Anne said...

I wonder if they would buy this design and sell them at certified Hondas?