Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fill it up!

Now that the charging is working correctly I was feeling good and decided to finish up the plug. Remember those two circles I cut out for the cooling fans on the controller heat sink? Turns out they are just want I needed. I marked out the three bolt holes. Then I measured the thinner diameter of the plugged and plasma cut that out of the center.

A nice and tight fit. The other side of the plug will come in from the other side and sandwich the plate. I used a 4 prong twist lock 220v 30 amp plug. It's only hooked to the 220 side of the charger. The 110 plug is just laying in the trunk. It won't be used much if at all but is there in case that's all I can get.

A few bolts and the plug was done. Looks pretty cool. When I get time that sticker will be changed or modified just for fun. I think "Premium Electrons Only" will suit this car better now don't you?

Fill it up! Charging will be quick and easy now.


Matt said...

Very impressive work! As an owner of an '03 BB S2K I am very interested in this project. Keep up the good work!

low said...

found your blog through s2ki. really enjoyed reading it.

Brian said...

Thank you! It's been a really fun project to do and fun to share the experience with others.