Friday, October 16, 2009

Is it alive?

I realized I hadn't posted on in here in a couple months now! I'm just having too much fun driving and not working on the car.

I did tear it down just a couple weeks ago to look things over, make sure no welds had broke, check the motor brushes, etc. Everything looks great!

Since I had it all apart, I took the time to FINALLY install my version 2.0 of the LiFePO4 Volt Blocher.
I'm normally parked outside the garage these days as my truck sits here, but thought it was a nice shot charging with the solar inverters in the background.
You can definitely tell this is MY kid, just look at that EV GRIN?!?


Velocity Biofuels said...

Glad to hear the car's still working out great, and running on solar no less! Keep us all posted, your efforts are an inspiration.

dsc said...

hehe, cute! :-D