Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EV Bling

We'll the car has been up and running since mid February and I've been driving to work for probably a month and a half or so without any issues (other than the BMS glitches). I don't see any reason it won't keep running fine so I figured it was time to make things a little more official and add my EV Bling. OK I had way too much crap bought that I was going to add to the car but the more thought about it and placed items it just seemed a bit too nerded out. I settled on two changes to help announce the EVness of the car.
First I added the "EV" to the S2000 emblems on the side.
Second was the customized license plates. I had to make another DMV trip for these, but luckily this was routine and went smooth.


jisaacs said...

Hey Brian, wonderful blog, I will begin to direct folks your way when recommending excellent sources for clear, concise EV conversion info on the net.

We were looking for an rpm/overdrive indicator and your detailed explanation of how you accomplished it was very helpful, thanks!

Jenny Isaacs

dsc said...

Great license plate, love it!

Michael said...

Hey Brian,

can you post a preliminary result of your TS batteries. Do they still work good? I am planning to buy some the next weeks and try to get some feedback from experienced conversions.

Thank you and all the best from Germany!


Brian said...

At this point I'm still very pleased with the TS cells. On the way home today I will hit 5000 miles so far. They perform very well.

If you missed my posts on TS BMS and Charger. DO NOT BUY!!! These are terribly over priced for the quality and bugs in the system. I'll be making another post soon on some recent events with the BMS/Charger.