Sunday, May 3, 2009

Parts For Sale

On Saturday I put all my gas related parts up for sale on Craigs List.

Here are the major items up for sale but there are a lot of little pieces I don't need but didn't want to list.

F20 Engine, Converter, Manifold, ECM, Radiator with both fans, Intake box with filter, Alternator, Muffler Set, Heater Core, Fuel tank with Pump.

The muffler set went today. Hopefully the parts keep on selling to help recoup some of the conversion cost.


bjdraw said...

You might consider selling the engine and manifolds together as one -- a "long block." I'd bet there are a number of salvage companies that would be willing to pay you good money for it as an assembly.

Art Wilbur said...

Did everything sell?

If not, I'm curious what you were asking for the ECU. Note that it's desirable to those with 2004+ models to get a higher redline and 2000 models to improve overall performance.