Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First drive to work

Yesterday the plug was installed and everything was in place for my first run to work today. I was a bit nervous but everything couldn't have went better.

I left 30 minutes earlier than normal to make sure I got the spot next to the charging station. They haven't marked it off yet and installed the sign so I'll have get there early for a few days or so. It's not an issue with my company as I think everybody knows I've done the conversion but we share the parking with surrounding companies as well and it would be hard to go door to door tracking down the owner of the vehicle to ask them to move it. :)

It looks like I used about 60% of my pack on the 35 mile drive to work. Sounds bad, but considering the 2,000 ft elevation climb over the journey it's about what I expected. It also appears I used about 35% of the pack coming home. I drove a lot faster on the way home since I had the downhill advantage so I could lower than number if I tried. I'll keep tracking the numbers, but it doesn't appear I'd want to risk the round trip without at least a little time on the charger.

Here is the pedestal / charging station that work installed for me. A big thanks to Front Porch and those involved getting this taken care of for me.

Here is another shot of the car charging at work.

I did run into a little issue when I first got there and plugged in. Within a minute or the so the car quit charging. Turns out there was only a 20 amp breaker installed and it wasn't enough. After talking to the electrician he installed a 20 amp breaker because the plug style I requested was only rated for 20 amps. An error on my part, but he came out immediately and upgraded the breaker and plug style to 50 amps. I had to change the plug styles on my side too and then it was up and charging. I still need to keep track of how long it takes charging at work and at home as well as the energy required to start calculating energy costs.


Brent said...

Have never posted but wanted to throw in my "Thanks" for documenting the project and for sharing with the extremely jealous public. As a S2000 owner (of the gas variety), I have loved following your diligence, progress, successes, and failures. Keep up the outstanding work and Have fun!!

Art Wilbur said...

Have you figured out how much it is costing you to "fill up" per mile if you are charging on the grid, such as at work?

If you get the itch to do a road trip, count me in on the list of places for you to charge, 30 miles outside of Orlando, FL! I'll just have to unplug my air compressor.

Brian said...

It looks like I average about 300 watt/hrs per mile. I have the solar now so this skews the cost a bit. But my rate is $0.085 per kilowatt or about $0.025 per mile to drive. So the 70 mile round trip to work would cost about $1.78. This equates to about 120 miles per gallon with gas prices in my area.