Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who killed the electric car?

I've heard about a movie called, "Who killed the electric car?", but never watched it till recently. This is extremely eye opening. I had no idea we could have had MANY EV vehicles on the street already. I just figured there were always good technological reasons for the cars never making full production runs. This movie really gets into the details of how auto makers, oil companies and I'm sure some money under the table with political figures have been working towards killing the electric car. You'll be amazed at what GM has done!

It can be found here on YouTube. It's broken up into ten parts so make sure to watch them in the correct order it could be rather confusing. You can also purchase this video off the Internet.

Watch it, you'll be amazed.


maxrev said...

Great project! I look forward to your updates!

Anonymous said...

Saw this posted over at s2ki.com. Awesome stuff and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I watched this film last week while off sick (thanks for the reminder as I have been wanting to see it for a while). While obviously somewhat one sided, it is very interesting.