Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adapter plate update

Well I haven't updated the blog lately because there hasn't been any progress lately. I'm really stuck waiting to install the motor and tranny now and that means this adapter plate and coupler need to get finished. After some incorrect parts came in I finally got some pre machined parts I've been waiting on.

Here is the main adapter plate. The pre drilled holes you see are ready to fit the ADC FB1-4001A motor.

Here is one of the four spacers I calculated I'll need to get the distance correct between the coupler edge and the adapter plate edge.

You can see six bolt holes total above. The outer four match the bolt holes on the motor. The inner two are designed to be used with the tension pins shown below. Tapping these pins into the holes will hold the whole assembly together.

A shot of the spacers and adatper plate behind held together with the tension pins. Note the final bolts from the adapter plate side into the motor is what will actually hold this together under the strains of operation. These are only to hold it gether during assembly but will remain in place.

Here is a shot of the assembly sitting on the motor. You can see how the spacers push the adapter plate away from the motor. This allows me to build a coupler that is long enough to fit onto the entire shaft and give plenty of threads for holding the flywheel to it. The adapter plate will eventually be cut to match the shape of the transmission.

An inside shot of where the couplter will go. To match the original distance the coupler will actually inset just slightly from the adapter plate. We may need to do some milling on the face of the adapter plate so the flywheel doens't hit.

Sadly that's it for now. I'm now waiting for when is a good time for my uncle to machine the coupler and finish up the adapter plate to match the transmission. Looks like this will be early October. The anticipation of getting to drive this when it's done is killing me! I think I'll spend the next couple weeks working on my AC and heater designs.

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